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Differing from the Marketing Department, where our product group managers are totally focused by group of products to better satisfy consumer demand at all levels, in Sales we thrive to optimize elsewhere. Our team here is specialized by trade sector. In this way we are able to offer our customers full satisfaction and offer full benefit to our brands through uninterrupted availability on the shelves backed up with latest merchandizing techniques.

 In order to monitor growth within stable business relationships with OCP's customers, a credit committee, consisting of representatives from sales, finance and our legal department meet twice a month. This committee observes movements of our customers' accounts in order to regulate them with a view to allow for healthy growth, thus creating a perpetual win win interaction at this particular level.

 Sales Chart 

TRADE COVERAGE AND DISTRIBUTION: Up to 69% Numeric & Definitely 98% Weighted in Lebanon.
 Trade Segment Universe  Direct Coverage  Coverage via Wholesalers 
 Key Accounts (Retail) 56  56  100 
 Supermarkets 114  114  100 
 Mini Markets & Groceries 784  784  100 
 Small Groceries 15,083  5,000  5,000  66 
 Pharmacies 1.267  800  340  90 
 Wholesalers 237  150  63 
 Total 17,541  6,570  5,674  69 



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